Information Skin: Antioxidants

Antixoidant Smoothie
The skincare industry has a whole dictionary of it’s own (and quite rightly!). The terms, words and scientific statements we are faced with daily can overwhelm any consumer. As A result I take a big interest in finding out what lies behind the technical terms and ingredients (with a little help from the Hirons!). 

Information skin was developed by myself as a series to feature on because I am super passionate about skin care, sensitive skin needs and various skin conditions. I thought it really appropriate to share that in this series (previous posts). 

As a small disclaimer here - I am not a skin care specialist, I am your everyday consumer who enjoys actively finding out more information to better my purchase decisions. Having said all of that please refer to the original sources of the content if you want to find out more. Read More →

Quick ‘Hello’ & ‘Thankyou’

I’m taking this post today as an opportunity to say a huge 'Hello!' to all of you who now read / subscribe to this blog.

I have been really lucky to see my bloglovin’ subscribers increase over the past week or so and I’m super excited about that. As nearly all of you will know if you are your own author to a blog (no matter how big or small) knowing that people have pressed that ‘Follow’ or ‘Subscribe’ button is something never to take for granted but to appreciate, as a result this is me saying ‘Thankyou!’ 

I wanted to just take this opportunity also to flag up to you 3 of my favourite posts from the past few weeks (including a new monthly restaurant review series!) and also tempt you with 3 new exciting posts that are to come. 

3 good reads to re-visit:

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Just 3 of the exciting posts to come:

Sephora Haul - featuring quite a few lip products! Who doesn't love a lipgloss?!

Information Skin: Botox  - providing all you need to know on one of the most popular skin fillers.

Brow routine & Products  - a new 'routine' post focusing on how I keep my brows in shape.

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Last month I introduced you to the Philippines with some of my favourite photos from my trip back in February this year. 

If you would like to flip back to see that post first, please click here

As promised in this 2nd and final part of the Philippines Travel series I am sharing with you 10 more of my favourite photos that I captured from my travels with my friend Loren. 

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