Natalie, a 24 year old Mass Comms graduate from Essex.

After having read many a beauty blog over the last few years, and following many members of the beauty community on YouTube, there's nothing better for me than immersing myself in the health & beauty world. There came a point though, where I wanted to share my experiences with people, hear your views, and to share my interests in a community.

Whilst health & beauty are my main intentions for this blog - lifestyle will always have it's place here. At the moment, I work in the publishing industry & am trying to save hard for the future. I love to paint my nails often, and read a good magazine, or shop but when I am not doing that I love spending time with friends & family.

From an early age, let's say 14 I have always known about the importance of skincare, i've had my fair share of teenage and hormonal acne but I am also one of the many people living with Rosacea. Whilst this is not something I have dedicated this blog entirely to, it does have bearing on the products which I buy & actually choose to use on the sensitive skin of my face. I stay away from abrasive, irritating products as I have had my fair share of skin care counter diagnosis failures - many of whom have got my skin type so wrong, and made my rosacea worse and damaged my skin.Whilst I am sure we all have horror stories like this one from makeup & skincare counters around the world - I wanted to share what I have learnt with other people.

Whilst the fun side of trying beauty products out is something I have lots of time for, the science behind the ingredients is something I love to research - and use this knowledge to buy new products more suited to my skin!

My blog, like many others is a growing one - I love to read new blogs, so leave yours in the comments on any post.