Battle of the Beauty Tools #6: The Dermasuri

Whether summer, winter or just for an even tan, exfoliation of our skin is vital. It helps promote good circulation, keep the skin looking and feeling in a good condition and promotes skin cell renewal.

When our legs are hidden away in the chill of winter, I do think exfoliation is often the last thing you want to be doing or thinking about. This edition of Battle of the Beauty Tools features one of the most simple, but life changing tools that you must just for a moment think about investing in and adding into your routine - to make everything a little less difficult and tiresome.

The Dermasuri. I was flicking through the virtual pages of new products on Victoria Health and had to take a closer look, and subsequently order this item. Yes it's £19.95 essentially for an exfoliating mitt, but I think what you pay for here is the research behind such a product and the following it has now got from celebrities and beauty bloggers.

To get the most from this product step into a steamy shower, and don't apply any shower gels, lotions or potions, but wait for your skin to be slightly wet. The steam and warmth from the shower opens up pores and prepares your skin for exfoliation. Grab your Dermasuri mitt and brush in upward motions against the skin, again with no shower products. This product works on exfoliating using friction, not beads or bristles.

The upward motions against the skin can be as hard or as soft as you feel you need them. I like to get a good vigorous motion in with good pressure. You will then see your dead skin / fake tan just rolling away from your skin and onto the mitt. This is a deep exfoliation mitt, and will mean you don't have to be doing this process, eventually any more than once every couple of weeks. Amazing!

First Impression: This is nothing I couldn't get out of a high street store, it's just an exfoliating glove?

Lasting Impression: The feeling and results this leaves your skin with are worth the money, and it's a tool which requires no batteries, no charging cradles just a quick rinse under some water and a hanging out to dry after use. This is a no frills, but effective exfoliating tool which should definitely be considered if you put off scrubbing your skin!

You can purchase the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt @ Victoria Health, and the official website.

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