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NLMORGAN takes a look at beauty tools old and new, posting her first & lasting impressions of each one.

Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards

IMG_0250 copyCosmopolitan Magazine is on the search for all of our beauty favourites to be compiled into one fabulous issue! If you have product which you are beyond impressed with and really think it deserves to be featured in the Cosmo Beauty Awards (US) edition & want an opportunity to bag yourself all of the beauty award winners, keep on reading!

Simply snap a selfie with your favourite product and then tweet @Cosmopolitan using the hashtag #CosmoBeautyAwards, including the product name.

It's that simple  The more it's promoted through twitter, the better your chances are at getting yourself and your favourite product in the upcoming Beauty Awards issue. My entry just had to be with the Dermasuri. It's changed the chore of exfoliation into a quick regime for me and means my skin stays as soft and smooth as possible. To read more about my thoughts on the Dermasuri just click here. It's time to get passionate about your favourite products! Leave me a comment below with your entry ideas! This is a US Cosmo competition, although I am from the UK, I have decided to enter as I could not find anywhere that this was restricted & it's also a fun way to share your favourite piece of beauty kit.  Battle of the Beauty Tools: #3 The Clarisonic     Follow on Bloglovin

Battle of the Beauty Tools #6: The Dermasuri

Whether summer, winter or just for an even tan, exfoliation of our skin is vital. It helps promote good circulation, keep the skin looking and feeling in a good condition and promotes skin cell renewal.

When our legs are hidden away in the chill of winter, I do think exfoliation is often the last thing you want to be doing or thinking about. This edition of Battle of the Beauty Tools features one of the most simple, but life changing tools that you must just for a moment think about investing in and adding into your routine - to make everything a little less difficult and tiresome.

The Dermasuri. I was flicking through the virtual pages of new products on Victoria Health and had to take a closer look, and subsequently order this item. Yes it's £19.95 essentially for an exfoliating mitt, but I think what you pay for here is the research behind such a product and the following it has now got from celebrities and beauty bloggers.

To get the most from this product step into a steamy shower, and don't apply any shower gels, lotions or potions, but wait for your skin to be slightly wet. The steam and warmth from the shower opens up pores and prepares your skin for exfoliation. Grab your Dermasuri mitt and brush in upward motions against the skin, again with no shower products. This product works on exfoliating using friction, not beads or bristles.

The upward motions against the skin can be as hard or as soft as you feel you need them. I like to get a good vigorous motion in with good pressure. You will then see your dead skin / fake tan just rolling away from your skin and onto the mitt. This is a deep exfoliation mitt, and will mean you don't have to be doing this process, eventually any more than once every couple of weeks. Amazing!

First Impression: This is nothing I couldn't get out of a high street store, it's just an exfoliating glove?

Lasting Impression: The feeling and results this leaves your skin with are worth the money, and it's a tool which requires no batteries, no charging cradles just a quick rinse under some water and a hanging out to dry after use. This is a no frills, but effective exfoliating tool which should definitely be considered if you put off scrubbing your skin!

You can purchase the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt @ Victoria Health, and the official website.

Battle of the Beauty Tools #5: Tangle Teezer, Aqua Splash

Welcome back!

As many beauty bloggers are I am a huge fan of the Original Tangle Teezer, it's such a great invention that I think many of us wonder where we would be, and what kind of state our hair would be in without one. 

The Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash is designed in a different way than the Original, and for a different purpose. Designed for use in wet or damp hair, the bristles are apparently designed not to pull out the hair but teeze out those tangles like its popular sister product. I have been known to use it on dry hair too! 

I like to use this product in the shower, when applying hair masks or treatments, or even just to distribute leave in conditioner into my hair after washing.

The hollow middle, means if you do like to use a brush / comb in the shower and have it left ready for next use, nothing is going to be holding on to the water when you are not using it. The product comes in great bright designs, and would be ideal for little girls at bath time or holiday trips. 

First impressions can say this product is really basic, it's a plastic tube, with plastic bristles that retails for over £10. It does have a grippy texture though and good ergonomic design, so it's easy to hold, but it's light and I would say a no frills product.

It's bristles kind of mean its hybrid between the comb and the brush. I've always gone for a wide tooth comb, because my hair just falls out so easily and gets damaged with a brush when wet. The Aqua splash for me is just a fancy comb, and I can definitely get along without it. If you fancy trying it and have the extra cash to spend on a brush then it is a good tool to have, especially if you find brushing your hair a chore after showering.

I don't think the Aqua Splash made as much of a 'Splash' in the beauty market ocean as expected, but it is a product which if you can afford probably will benefit you in the long run and keep the chore of de-tangling wet hair to a minimum. 

You can find the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash here, for £11.69 currently. 

Have you used the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash?