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NLMORGAN takes a look at beauty tools old and new, posting her first & lasting impressions of each one.

New Year, New Resolutions; Happy New Year

In this post I will be sharing those obligatory resolutions for the coming year. Let me know yours in the comments below! Some of these I am pretty sure are the same if not similar as the resolutions made in last years post here

  • Drink More Water - It's simple in theory, but in method so hard to do. I intend to be carrying an Evian bottle around with me at all times, for the purposes of keeping me hydrated & to see if the amount of water I consume affects the headaches I keep getting! 
  • Save, Save, Save - this year it is happening, I am going to put my spare monies away & this year it's going somewhere I can not delve into and spend it from (stupid bank accounts!).
  • Use products up, before taking to the shops to buy more! - I have draws full of body products, skincare products and nail polishes never before used. I find happiness in knowing i have a lot of products & I will be ok if ever caught in some kind apocalypse (is this hoarding?). But in reality 2014 will be a year of using up, and making space for new products.  So watch out for lots of reviews along the way!
  • Keep alive! I love blogging, and am slowly becoming more involved in the blogging community, working full time as most of you will know creates difficulty in keeping the posting momentum going, but every comment and page view pushes me on and I really appreciate any help I can get in getting my blog out there. I am aware that the beauty blogging industry is just saturated and bigger than ever. Now recognised in all different media forms - as valuable sources of information and opinion, bloggers are more recognised now than ever before. When you are starting out us newer bloggers find it tough to get recognised. This year I want to work with you, the other beauty bloggers reading this to get our readership recognised. 

Thanks for reading, I think this small but ambitious collection of resolutions is achievable and will get 2014 going to a great start...

... now where's that bottle of water?

Battle of the Beauty Tools #4: Silk Epil 7 Epilator

If you were going to pick the best electronic gadget for removing those pesky hairs from your pins it would be from the best brand possible, and that's Braun. They know what they are doing when it comes to hair removal. From the Silk Epil 3 (which has only 20 tweezers) to the current Silk Epil 7 (which has 40 tweezers)variations. Braun have made their way into the prestigious Harpers Bazaar Top Beauty 100 in 2013 with this sometimes scary to look at gadget. But once you get used to the pain.... it's fine - or thats what all of your girlfriends have been saying about epilation for years. Me included. 

If you are not that familiar with this method of hair removal, epilation is the removal of hair from underneath the skins surface, taking the hair (from whatever part of your body) away from the root. The epilator, as seen in the picture above, has a rotating head which is filled with lots of tweezers, that as they are pulled along your skin grip on to the hair in its way, and pull from the root. Like tweezing your eyebrows but on mass, epilators can be used from those stray hairs on your toes (we all have them!!) to the underarms, obviously though I would avoid the face and any sensitive skin. 

All epilating devices all work in the same way, so essentially you don't need to keep buying different versions, get a good one like the Silk Epil 7 (retails at around £130.00) and you can be set for quite a while. There's no buying razor heads or refilling your wax pot here, except you will need some kind of electricity source to recharge after all the hair removal fun, so really you do get your monies worth. 

As technology changes though, it's good to jump on the 'new epilator band wagon', not only do old versions make a hell of a noise, but they also can not be used in water or have a light which highlights those finer hairs you may have missed. The Silk Epil 7 has both of these additions, and Braun have even brought out the Silk Epil 7 Dual Epilator (the combination of both shaving and epilation for extra smoothness) and the even more recent Silk Epil 7 SkinSpa which provides exfoliation and epilation - I am quite eager to get my hands on this one after having my original Silk Epil 7 for some years now. 

If you epilate for enough years, the story goes that your hair will eventually stop growing in that area, it will almost just give up! I am waiting for this time, however from epilating for 5 years, I now epilate every 3 or 4 weeks, and there are some people that shave every dyay, so that's a lot of shaving foam, and blades you would be going through. As a plus to not shaving every few days, with epilation the regrowth is definitely finer, and lest noticeable. 

First Impressions; The whirring noise of the motor, and the initial pain of pulling hairs out of your legs with tweezers is enough to put you off BUT perceiver, it gets easier girls (or guys.. although in my experience the noise is enough to scare them off). Your legs/underarms may look a little blotchy and red after but this is your skin freaking out, and telling you it's not used to it. After a few weeks you'll be totally confident with the whole process! 

Lasting Impressions; Apart from the fact that I think the battery is now dying on my epilator and always shows a red light (above) it has had a very good run and I refuse to shave and break the habit.  I am not always sure it picks up EVERY little hair, but perhaps I am not patient enough. 

If you are thinking about epilating here are some good tips that work well from my experience;

1) Have a hot bath/shower, this will open your pores of your skin - in turn when you epilate whether in the bath or not, it will be less painful and the hairs will pull out without a problem. 

2) If you have some aloe-vera gel, or moisturiser handy after your epilation session, wait about 10 mins for your skin to calm down and then slather on the soothing stuff, this will take down the redness immediately, and refresh the area.

3) Hold the area you are epilating taught, so that the hairs are picked up more easily. 

Let me know if you have any epilating tips?


Battle of the Beauty Tools: #3 The Clarisonic

The mighty Clarisonic Cleansing System has to be up there with some of the best beauty award winners of all time. 

So if you are scrubbing up for a fabulous date night on this Valentines day, reach for your Clarisonic!

Clarisonic Plus: Image taken from
With many different variations Clarisonic have gone from a tool used exclusivley in salons, with the Clarisonic Professional, to enabling male and female skin care fanatics to own their own Clarisonic and get the results in the comfort of their own bathroom with the Clarisonic, Clarisonic Plus & more recently the Clarisonic Mia. Many of these fanatics do not know where they would be without their much loved cleansing system. 

The Clarisonic works on Sonic waves, as the brush at the top of the device vibrates and oscillates accross all areas of your face it works with your favourite cleanser to remove dirt and makeup whilst gently exfoliating your skin.

For anyone with acne prone, or particularly oily skin this is a great tool to use to make sure the pores in your skin stay free of bacteria, that would normally cause spots. Those that also love to exfoliate will find fabulous results from using this as close together as every morning, to cut out their normal exfoliation routine, but reveal smoother skin which absorbs your products much easier.

Whilst it is an investment, any skin care lover will understand that parting with your money will mean skin which is in a great condition and could change the way you go about cleansing your face.

When i first received my Clarisonic I couldn't wait to use it to help take my makeup off along with my cleanser. Removing makeup & cleansing became a joy to do!

One thing I do wish Clarisonic would create is some kind of cleaning system for the brush heads, which although you can replace, never seem to get as good as new once makeup is on them. As you are placing that brush directly on your skin, it seems a good idea to make it as clean as possible, and rid of the bacteria as best you can.

The heads for the system, cost around £20 and should be replaced every 3 months or so, and come in a variety of different sensitivities. If you have quite sensitive skin you might want to go for the Sensitive brush head, but if you have acne issues, maybe go for the pore cleansing brush, there is also heads for other skin types.

First Impressions: I was so excited to use this tool when I got it that I maybe used it too much, resulting in even angrier looking skin - this can happen as all the nasties are being brought to your skin's surface. You really need to take time to find the speed setting that works for you skin, and whether you want a timer telling you when you should be done scrubbing! My face was a lot smoother, and i do miss my Clarisonic when I don't use it, however I do not use it all the time. Maybe once a week, as my skin is sensitive to being scrubbed a lot.

Lasting Impressions: I am glad I have a Clarisonic, it does make my skin feel great & clean - but I find myself needing to buy new brushes all the time, and having to pay £20 a pop for a brush head sometimes isn't on the top of my list to spend £20 on, and this stunts my usage of this great tool sometimes.

The Clarisonic is available from SpaceNK priced at £179 for the Clarisonic Plus 

Do you have one of the Clarisonic cleansing systems?
Could you live without yours?

Let me know!