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NLMORGAN takes a look at beauty tools old and new, posting her first & lasting impressions of each one.

Battle of the Beauty Tools: #2 Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I have only ever had three sets of eye lash curlers, one which was a heated pair brought straight out of  a Tesco's beauty dept. , the other a stainless steel pair from reputable brand Tweezerman & the third I received at Christmas last year, Shu Uemura's iconic eyelash curler.

Iconic because these curlers seemed to be all I ever heard about through beauty blogs, beauty awards and YouTube videos since I must have been 17!

These curlers just deliver the most maximum curl possible! They work especially well if you put your eyelashes between the curlers, and then tilt the curlers up towards the ceiling with your thumb. When I first did this I expected each of my eyelashes to be pulled out in the process, but pleasantly I was just wowed with the difference it made to my eye shape, and the way mascara could then work even harder, without losing eyelashes!

I have relatively small eyes with lashes which look like they have been straightened to be fair, so I wasn't expecting much in terms of curl. But I was really impressed with the curl, the pressure I didn't have to apply to my lashes, and the staying power of the results overall!

First impressions: When I popped these out of the box I thought, 'They don't look any different to my Tweezerman curlers!' That does still stand true, they really don't look any different, but the results were really different. So much so that I reach for these curlers on a daily basis now, after giving up on my others, which I never bother using anymore.

You can see from the photo I took below the difference from the curled eyelashes, and the non. Obviously no two eyes are identical - put this really gets accross how much more awake you can look with curled lashes, thanks to using the Shu Uemura curlers.

If you have trouble justifying £20 on a set of eyelash curlers, maybe ask for them for as a gift when you have an occasion such as a birthday coming up. You will be so excited to receive them! If you birthday isn't around the corner though, maybe try out the tilt trick with your current curlers.

Lasting Impressions: Totally worth the spend, definitely live up to their iconic status!

I got my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers from SpaceNK they are priced at £20. 
Image of curlers taken from SpaceNK.

Do you have any beauty tools or tricks you think others should know about? Let us know below!

Natalie, x

Battle of the Beauty Tools: #1 The Beauty Blender

I'm really excited to start a couple of new post series this month - one of them being the Battle of the Beauty Tools series. Each post within this series will feature on a specific beauty tool that is new, old or up and coming in the beauty industry. 

The posts will focus on just how and if we could cope without the beauty tools of today, for example straighteners, tweezers, and nail files, would you know which one you could leave behind? It's more than deciding what would be your desert island pick - but a chance to discuss and review the beauty tools which we all love to use to make our day to day regimes that much less stressful!

I am kicking off the series with the BeautyBlender!

Image taken from
As one of what has to be the most talked about makeup applicators, the BeautyBlender does have competition from un-branded makeup sponges, which claim to mimic the effect that the Latex free official BeautyBlender has on our foundations - this post will be based upon the official & ultimate BeautyBlender, which is available either from or many other beauty tool retailers, such as

First Impressions; Yes, this is just a pink sponge that can be used to apply makeup. 

Applying Makeup with a sponge?! NO! 
I hear you skin care fanatics scream at me! 
Using your average makeup sponge to apply make up is frowned upon by skin care specialists, especially if your skin is sensitive or suffering from a skin complaint such as Acne. The sponge can harbour all sorts of bacteria, which could well be causing your Acne. Bacteria can stay in your sponges if you are a) not cleaning / or throwing it out after each use b) storing it in an bacteria free zone.. (who has one of those!?)

This professionally used, egg shaped foundation and makeup applicator can be used damp with water or dry. Damp is especially good if you have dryer skin types, you then dab and daub the sponge into those areas which need foundation / or other product of choice... You will notice no brush stroke marks, no patchy coverage and you may even find your foundation is working even better than when you used your foundation brush or fingers. 

Because of it's unique patented shape, the sponge is used to reach all those areas of your face such as around your nose, or on spots you wish to conceal heavily - really easily! Just pick the part of the sponge which fits that area of your face best. I like to dab the sponge on to my face, and then roll as I am dabbing to create a great flawless finish. 

Once you have used your BeautyBlender, you should rinse with the Anti-Bacterial 'blendercleanser' sponge cleanser which you can buy with the sponge, and use for all your other brushes too. I did find that upon the first few washes the fabulous pink colour will run out with your excess foundation, and I was disappointed with this too, as this 'sponge' does not come into your makeup collection at your normal make up sponge cost. I have developed a pretty random hole in my BeautyBlender aswell and am really not sure how this can happen, but the good news is that the colour running out of the sponge does settle down. After use ensure that the sponge air dries so it can go back down to it normal size (it really expands when it takes on water) ready for the next use. 

Lasting Impressions: This sponge has definitely given me more options for how I apply my makeup, however I rarely use it unless I am going out, as I am more conscious than ever that it needs cleaning before next use (cleaning the BeautyBlender for me takes more time than brushes because I can't get all of my foundation squeezed out easily!). It does feel like I need more product too, the humble makeup brush doesn't take on as much liquid as this blender does for me! The results though are really impressive, everything is blended, covered & looking radiant and goes on so much easier and in possibly half the time.

 If you are an avid makeup wearer, and have the time to wash (or money perhaps to buy multiple BeautyBlenders) definitely invest in this beauty tool, as I have yet to try a high street beauty sponge that works as good as this one!

The classic BeautyBlender retails at around £16.00,  for more information on the BeautyBlender take a read of the information available at Image taken from

Let me know if you have a product to rival this one in the Battle of the Beauty Tools series leave me a comment below!

Natalie, x