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Workspace Inspirations

Workspace Inspiration Mood Board

A change in seasons is here and for many September is the beginning of new projects (big & small), whether that be School, University, career changes or personal goals. It's the 'Back to school' fever that sticks with so many of us (even past our academic years), which inspires us to go out and buy new agendas, stationary and perk up our desk spaces with new levels of organisation and inspiration. I still get the urge to buy half of Paperchase by the time that the first week in September is over, even if I don't have the need for new notebooks and pens.

There is no better digital platform for inspiration than that of Pinterest (you can follow me here), and nothing more motivational for me at this time of the year than looking at new and better ways to organise my life.

My desk space is vital to my productivity and whilst I've been sofa bound for the past few weeks, and for many to come (find out why here) I have been compiling a Pinterest board that I can apply to my own workspace when I'm back on my feet. It is amazing the focus and work ethic a well designed work area can bring. 

I thought I would share with you a small summary my 'Workspace Inspirations' in a mood board format up top - which might help to provide you with a sense of my organisational style and ideas for improving your own desk/office spaces. Of course you can always see the full set of ideas here.  

Share your organisational ideas with me below! 


This post was inspired by Kate's New Workspace Inspiration post over @ GhostParties
All of the images used to create the mood board in this post are taken from Pinterest.
For specific sources of each image please refer to my Pinterest board.

Favourite Interior Design Trends of the Moment

As you get into your twenties, it's a time in your life when you have a good idea of your style & who you are as person. Interior design is a reflection of that style and I think re-decoration, restoration and re-styling either furniture, or complete rooms is always done with such a subconscious representation of who you are, but yet so interesting and inspirational to others. I thought I'd take this post to introduce my style through interior design and also add an extra strand to my blogs offerings. Let me know your style choices either in the comments or via Pinterest. Contemporary There is something so fresh about contemporary living, I think it's a timeless style. I love using white, and one bold colour to set everything else off. I do like a minimalist look also, but I think for a home, it's quite hard to pull off. Hidden Lighting I do love a good spotlight, it can change a room dramatically and the idea of sneaking lights into the coolest of places just creates a modern and thought out room. I really like recessed lighting too. I don't know what would happen when you need to change a light bulb though... Monochrome Good old monochrome. Never goes out of style, and you'll never get fed up of the combination. It's a classic look. Photo Wall My photo wall  passion is inspired from the gorgeous photo displays from the Jenner household in the TV Series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Bold prints spaced evenly throughout the hallways in symmetrical and even distributions I find just gorgeous. If you do want to do this in your home, you can do so easily and not with all the same frames. Pinterest has some great arrangement templates for all frame sizes and parts of the home. The hallway is such a perfect place for your photos to be displayed. Your visitors will all walk through there, and find out more about you and your home with each passing. For yourself, and family you're sharing all of your favourite snaps or artwork easily and adding to your own decorative look book. Much better than photos collecting dust in the loft! Stripes The stripe says luxury to me. Every home should have a stripe somewhere! I always seem to find my favourite stripe decors in hotels, and as such always associate the classic striped bedding, and wallpapers with them. I think it's also a classic, timeless style you can't go wrong with, often teamed with contemporary. You can incorporate it in so many ways into your living arrangements - pillows, throws, wallpapers and rugs to name a few. Instant classy revamp needed? Grab yourself a striped set of pillows! If you enjoyed this post, or have some inspirational interior design posts on your blog, let me know below! All of these images were taken from Pinterest boards. I have an Interior Design board going on over there too, so click on the Pinterest button to your right and share some of your pins!