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Doing what makes you happy…

WOW. It would seem i've neglected my little patch on the internet for a while! 

Shamefully this is my first post of 2015! If you are reading it - thank you! Yes YOU!

A life update is needed I believe;

- My ankle is in a somewhat better state than when I was blogging about eyebrows back last year. 

- I'm on a determined path to lead a healthier lifestyle this year, if last year taught me anything it's that life is too short to be unhappy, and unhealthy. 

- I've cut down my spending on makeup & beauty, (just a little!) trying to make the most use out of what I have... although the odd Boots trip does happen, of course. 

- I'm working two jobs, and not because I need the money, but because I've discovered not every happiness comes from money - helping others, and making people's days a little easier actually boosts my mood and makes me happy! Whilst my responsibilities are still relatively small, i'm all for doing something to boost my mood alongside my 9-5. 

My posts here are going to be more sporadic, and less routine, but I'm definitely going to be spending more time here, and sharing more of my favourite things with you all.

Whether that be travel, makeup or lifestyle articles... thanks to followers new and old for keeping subscribed in the quiet times! Do of course leave your blogs below 🙂 


Top Magazine Picks + Life Update

It's been nearly 5 weeks since I broke my ankle and it definitely feels like it! I'm currently waiting for the appointment of my second surgery in October to come through the post. Without going into too much detail, a screw holding my bones together needs to be removed, before I can begin walking again! 

So I thought i'd post a short piece sharing a couple of bits and pieces with you all. 

I'm really pleased to have put up my new banner/header tonight which I'm really happy with. The last one was a bit too 'Summer', so this one is here to stay for the rest of the year!

If you would like to leave your thoughts, or want to request more info on how I made this just let me know & I'll be happy to share. It's pretty much a combination of unused blog photos, an app & some Photoshop! 

I've been getting through the days with small projects here and there during the few weeks i've been out of work to keep my mind busy, as getting out, about and around then house can be a bit of a challenge!

Pinterest & my favourite magazines on my iPad have been a great help in passing time whilst my ankle heals.

So thought i'd share with you my top 3 magazine picks of those moment: 

- New Beauty (US based), I picked my first copy up in NY and got hooked into it's straight talking approach to beauty and it's aims to bring the newest and up to date information on the beauty industry to it's readers, that's why it can claim to be the Beauty Authority! I get this downloaded to my iPad as I can't get the physical copy anywhere in the UK! 

- Women's Health UK, i've been a follower since the first couple of UK issues, and it's the only magazine I truly read cover to cover, everything in this magazine is useful, inspiring and makes you want to look after your mind and body in the best way possible. Ideal when you're stuck on the sofa!

- Stylist, if you can't pick this up from the tube and train stations of London every tuesday for free, download it to your tablet's newsstand for free! It's a refreshing, weekly magazine that raises mportant questions, around the news, in both London and the rest of the world and of course includes opinion, lifestyle, fashion and beauty - I would pay for this if I had to, but the fact it's free is just a great bonus! 

I've also got some arts and crafts on the go, but i'll perhaps introduce you to those in another post. 

What are your favourite magazines to read? 

Have a great weekend! 

Quick ‘Hello’ & ‘Thankyou’

I’m taking this post today as an opportunity to say a huge 'Hello!' to all of you who now read / subscribe to this blog.

I have been really lucky to see my bloglovin’ subscribers increase over the past week or so and I’m super excited about that. As nearly all of you will know if you are your own author to a blog (no matter how big or small) knowing that people have pressed that ‘Follow’ or ‘Subscribe’ button is something never to take for granted but to appreciate, as a result this is me saying ‘Thankyou!’ 

I wanted to just take this opportunity also to flag up to you 3 of my favourite posts from the past few weeks (including a new monthly restaurant review series!) and also tempt you with 3 new exciting posts that are to come. 

3 good reads to re-visit:

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Just 3 of the exciting posts to come:

Sephora Haul - featuring quite a few lip products! Who doesn't love a lipgloss?!

Information Skin: Botox  - providing all you need to know on one of the most popular skin fillers.

Brow routine & Products  - a new 'routine' post focusing on how I keep my brows in shape.

If you enjoyed the pick of some older posts, be sure to subscribe to my bloglovin’ to make sure you don't miss the posts that follow in the next few weeks if you haven’t already 🙂 

I am particularly loving Pinterest at the moment, and have set up an dedicated board which if you subscribe to, you will be notified of new posts via your Pinterest home page!

Of course you can always find me at any of my social links to the right of this post. 

For now leave me with your favourite blogs below,

and I’ll see you on Monday with a very useful post on skincare to start off the new Autumn season!