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#NOTD Birthday Edition

Today (Sept 5th) is my Birthday and to help celebrate the occasion I decided to go all glitzy on my nails - what a great opportunity for a NOTD Birthday edition!

I posted a quick snap of my glitter of choice on Instagram this morning and asked for your guesses of the name of the product I was wearing. As promised the reveal is here below....

Kendall on the Katwalk - OPI


It's 'Kendall on the Katwalk'

(Nicole for OPI feat. The Kardashians)

I was so so tempted to go for the ever indulgent of Deborah Lippman's 'Happy Birthday' but I fancied a finer, less bulky glitter.

I applied three coats of Kendall on the Katwalk, (a gorgeous blue glitter mixed with purples and greens) over the top of OPI Nail Envy to really get the density and full coverage needed, don't worry though you could easily get away with two layers instead of three.

It's one of those glitters that dries a little scratchy if you were to feel your nails after dry time (drying time is quick). As feared one nail is already majorly chipped, and others are close following. With less than 24 hours wear, perhaps I really did go for too much.

This is an occasion polish, something you probably wouldn't wear Monday to Sunday so I won't rate this too high, but in contrast the compliments on my nails today were a plenty! 

Let me know your thoughts on this polish, and leave your favourite glitter paints below! 


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Polish Picks for Summer

Summer is the prime oportunity to get colourful with your nails, and there are some really fabulous effects and trends you can now incorporate with them.

This post features the six top colours I've gravitated to this season.

Top 6 Summer Polish Picks

Barry M has really made an impact with their Gelly Hi Shine nail colours again this year, and my purse is definitely not complaining either. Half of my picks are from Barry M and I think that says a lot because I do have a draw of OPI products that I could have used!

Barry M Polish Picks: 

'Sugar Apple' Gelly Nail Polish #21 (£3.99), this is a great dupe for Essie's famous 'Mint Candy Apple'.

'Rose Hip' Gelly Nail Polish #20 (£3.99), beautiful elegant pink similar, but maybe a little pinker to Essie's 'Fiji'.

'Prickly Pear' Gelly Nail Polish #6 (£3.99), a substantial lilac in just one coat!

Both Superdrug & Boots have great Barry M Gelly nail polish offers on at the moment.

Also as a side note the new Summer Matte colours from Barry M look just as impressive!

Who has tried them?!

Top 6 Summer Polish Picks

Essie Polish Picks:

'Marshmallow' 024 (£8.21), I picked this up from the states (it was on my list of many...) and I haven't been disappointed in my usage of it. If you want to look tanned, wear this. If you want a decent white that pays off in 2 coats,wear this.

'Bikini So Teeny' 764 (£7.99), a gorgeous cornflower blue that compliments any skin tone, it also has a shimmer running through the formula. It's one of those that people always ask about...

Ciaté Mini Paint Pot Pick:

Never have I brought a full sized Ciaté nail polish, but this doesn't mean i don't love them! I was lucky enough to receive the Ciaté Advent calendar last year, and it's such a perfect gift for any nail polish lover. You can't be annoyed when advent is over as you are left with 24 gorgeous colours and this is where the lovely 'Hoopla' entered my life.

'Hoopla' (£9.00 full size) - this zingy peachy, pink looks gorgeous on the nails and again great for tanning time. I can't find the full size online and where it's in stock but maybe try your favourite eBay seller (I think this was a part of their fairground collection)?

Let me know your top nail polish picks for summer!


#NOTD O.P.I Eurso Euro

I went through January applying absolutely no polishes to my nails, with the exception of Nail Envy. My nails needed some 'breathing space' after the great acrylic episode of 2013. 

My nails are getting stronger, slowly but surely with the help of the Nail Envy.

I purchased this deep navy polish just before I got acrylics put on, and there is nothing worse than having new colours sitting in your stash and not being able to use them. If you Google Image search this colour, it does show differently not only in various lights, but in the applications too. I think I ended up with 2-3 coats on my nails with this colour and it resulted in a deep blue-black navy. 

It's a really serviceable colour, and quite sophisticated I think. 

My method of application was as follows; 
  • 1 layer of Original Nail Envy
  • 2-3 layers of 'Eurso Euro' 
  • 1 drop onto each nail of the Drip Dry quick dry drops
I found the colour quite wishy washy in application, which was disappointing but the colour did dry fast, and last a good few days - which is good for me! 

This colour was from OPI's Europe Collection, and I love to use all the OPI base/top coats and colours together - they make for a good result!

Let me know your favourite formulas of the moment in the comments,