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#notd OPI Make Him Mine

Had a sudden need to paint my painfully short nails just now, instead of tidying the huge mess which is my room. Thought I'd share with you - watch out for a fun #beautyTAG post later today as well! 

This is OPIs Liquid Sand, from the Mariah Carey collection for the Christmas Season named: Make Him Mine. Really a versatile, but sparkly rose gold tone. 

Thanks for reading! 

New Year, New Resolutions; Happy New Year

In this post I will be sharing those obligatory resolutions for the coming year. Let me know yours in the comments below! Some of these I am pretty sure are the same if not similar as the resolutions made in last years post here

  • Drink More Water - It's simple in theory, but in method so hard to do. I intend to be carrying an Evian bottle around with me at all times, for the purposes of keeping me hydrated & to see if the amount of water I consume affects the headaches I keep getting! 
  • Save, Save, Save - this year it is happening, I am going to put my spare monies away & this year it's going somewhere I can not delve into and spend it from (stupid bank accounts!).
  • Use products up, before taking to the shops to buy more! - I have draws full of body products, skincare products and nail polishes never before used. I find happiness in knowing i have a lot of products & I will be ok if ever caught in some kind apocalypse (is this hoarding?). But in reality 2014 will be a year of using up, and making space for new products.  So watch out for lots of reviews along the way!
  • Keep alive! I love blogging, and am slowly becoming more involved in the blogging community, working full time as most of you will know creates difficulty in keeping the posting momentum going, but every comment and page view pushes me on and I really appreciate any help I can get in getting my blog out there. I am aware that the beauty blogging industry is just saturated and bigger than ever. Now recognised in all different media forms - as valuable sources of information and opinion, bloggers are more recognised now than ever before. When you are starting out us newer bloggers find it tough to get recognised. This year I want to work with you, the other beauty bloggers reading this to get our readership recognised. 

Thanks for reading, I think this small but ambitious collection of resolutions is achievable and will get 2014 going to a great start...

... now where's that bottle of water?

#notd OPI: I’m not really a waitress.

As the weather is definitely become colder, and Christmas gift ideas are popping up along the high street - last weekend I went for classic, warm, wintery red -  OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress. 

Do you have a favourite winter red?