Costly Trip to the Optician

As someone who has had to wear glasses for over 10 years, and has had to pay for my contacts, lenses and frames since I was 18, I have an increasing annoyance each year when I am asked to pay extortionate amounts for an eye exam & checkup and then shell out for the subsequent lenses that follow. 

The trip to the opticians is for me something I know is important, but like the dentist, something I put off way too long and hide (well let's say recycle?) the reminders in the bin, because of the knowing that I am going to have to fork out half of my monthly wage to fund the process. It's bitter sweet, well let's say more bitter than sweet.

Whilst I won't  go into the world of dentistry here, the world of optometry is just not a fair one, especially if your eyes are forever declining and leaving you blinder and more short-sighted each year, like mine. 

I wear glasses day in, day out & essentially feel that I should get some kind of discount, if not for being at University (having tried and been declined use of a HC2 certificate) I should be eligible for some discount due to my eyesight experiencing such huge degrees of decline, and it's obviously not in my control!

I am worried for them, I really am. 

Contacts have never really been introduced to me in an appealing way, the gruelling process of being taught how to put them in and the huge efforts of hygiene that need to go into contact lens preparation just didn't work out well, in fact I'd need an extra 30 mins just to get the contacts in before going out. I wear them mostly on holiday when I do pop a pair in but this is mostly for ease of sunglass selection. Over the years though I have found that glasses just suit my face - i quite frankly look strange without them, as reiterated time and time again by friends who don't recognise me without glasses (good in some circumstances I'm sure you'll agree).

After having to pay hundreds of pounds for new lenses in my current frames, I faced the decision of going back to the contact lens lifestyle, or heading to the sunglass racks to try on some stylish sunnies that could include my prescription - top choice right there! 

I have been burned by the prescription sunglass market before, spending summer days with huge heavy frames and super thick lenses balanced on my head for fear they may fall off with even the slightest movement, but having tried so many high street and private opticians over the years I decided this time things are going to be different!

After another splurge (it was a treat to myself, yes yet another one this month) say hello to my new sunnies (below) Chanel's very finest! I fell in love when they were picked out for me and believe they are just the right size for my face, I decided I am going to take a break from the contact lens market for now so figured this would even the balance sheets out a little in terms of my outgoings. Really excited to receive them, and then maybe we'll get some nice weather!

What are your dream sunglasses? 
Have you had optician trouble too? 

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