Fresh Petal Sugar Lip Treatment

Sugar Treatment in PetalFresh is a skincare company equipped to target the real types of skin concerns every day women have, combatting them with a mix of organic ingredients and modern technology. 

The brand is synonymous with the belief that lip care is just as important as looking after your eye area, so they brought to the table a range of possibly the most luxurious lip tints, scrubs and treatments you will ever find. 

Sugar Treatment in PetalOne of the most famous of their favourites is the Lip Treatments, right from the original formula through to shades of Rose, Coral and Tulip which are sure to compliment any skin tone.

Todays focus is on the Fresh Petal Sugar Lip Treatment.

Sugar Treatment in Petal

This is the product to replace all other of your all in one lip products; it is hydrating due to it's base of sugar (a natural humectant preventing moisture loss), full of oils and packs on the prettiest of colour. In addition to all of that, this soft stick of lux colour even protects against UVA / UVB rays with an SPF of 15.

Sugar Treatment in Petal

Whether you buy this in the UK (Fresh's only UK store is on Marylebone High Street) or in the US (as I did via Sephora) you can expect to pay around £13 / $22. 

I love this product's packaging (a screw cap casing made of metal) it feels like it's ready for the long haul, whether that's in your hand baggage on your latest getaway or lodged between your Kindle and car keys in your hand bag on the way to work, you've got everything you need! Just maybe don't leave this lip product in the heat, it can get kinda goopy! 

Sugar Treatment in Petal

You can expect wear to last for hours, and you don't lose that feeling of hydration. The finish is sheer and aims to tint your lips not overwhelm them it simply and subtly enhances what you already have, whatever colour you choose! 

Having tried their lip products I am now eager to delve further into Fresh. 

Let me know if you have tried anything from Fresh? 


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