IPL Rosacea Diary #2

Back in March, four weeks after my 1st IPL treatment I went back to the Skin Clinic for my 2nd IPL treatment, out of the six I had brought at the beginning of the year.

Four weeks break for any Rosacea sufferer's skin is essential when going through deeply penetrative light therapy like this. Your skin needs to go through what I was introduced to as a 'Cycle' in order to allow the treatment to work & the repair process to take place on my skin.

I have always tried to take photos of my skin in a good light, before each appointment, not just for you - but for myself. Although I didn't know what to expect in terms of results from my first experience - It definitely felt by the second treatment, not a lot had changed. Perhaps I hadn't given it enough time.

The treatment takes around 20 - 30 minutes depending on how many pulses of light you have. The more inflammation you have on the area you are treating the more pulses will be needed, and unfortunately the more pain you will feel - as this area if much more sensitive than a non-inflamed area.

At the beginning I was told I would need around 30 pulses of light for each treatment, what I actually got I think was around 15 every four weeks. Covering all areas of my face. The painful areas for me were definitely the chin, nose & forehead.

By this point I have been using the clinic's recommended skin care brand 'IMAGE' which is full of vitamins, and all important anti-oxidants which my skin needs to rehydrate and heal itself. Did you know Rosacea skin is very likely to be a dehydrated skin? Having brought the cream cleanser (which I used in combination with Emma Hardie's Amazing Face cleansing balm at night) the IMAGE night cream, & serum from the Vital C range, as well as the Daily Defense SPF moisturiser. This truly was totting up to be an indulgence, at over £250 for them all (excl. Emma Hardie)

I will follow up with a review, as having at the time of writing been using them nearly 6 months - they last well and smell great.

Here are some images before my 2nd Treatment of IPL;
PS. Sorry for the awful face.

I will be back soon with my next treatment with more photos!

PS. Sorry for the awful face.

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