A Mishap in Mersea

This is a bit of a different post - but something I want to blog about none the less.

It could be a little lengthy, so settle down with your favourite snack/drink!

This is just a bit of warning however if you are squeamish - you might not want to read it. 

The frequency of my posts has been some what disturbed in recent days and the reason for that is an unexpected accident whilst walking the dog at Cudmore Grove Country Park, Mersea.

Cudmore Grove offers a really different set of views to your average country park and is definitely worth a visit:


Saturday 16th August was my first trip to Mersea for a mellow dog walk with family...but it also led to my first trip in an ambulance and of breaking bones!

I have had many falls, many sprained ankles which have all began with me telling myself to 'Be Careful, watch your footing...' etc and this occasion was no exception. When I heard the snap in my ankle and proceeded to fall face first into long lengths of wild grass I just knew I had really gone and done it. I fell down an uneven embankment of grassy / woodland in the park and it was really quite out of the way.

Within minutes an ambulance was called, but at just over 2 hours having passed I was still stuck in the position I fell into, helpless and getting ever more frustrated at the pain I had in my left ankle, determined not to move. As I understand it because my injury wasn't 'life threatening' and my age 'relatively young' I was bumped down the priorities list for ambulance call outs for that afternoon. I can understand this to a degree, but isn't a 2 hour wait a bit ridiculous?!


You can only image what it's like lying on the grass of a country park with no clue as to when an ambulance is going to arrive, accompanied only by the british weather, and the odd passer by who wants to know what you have done and tries to help. If it wasn't for my mum I would have slowly gone insane!

It's a situation where I began to think 'Would I help a stranger out, If I walked past someone in my situation?' I would like to think that I would if that person was evidentially in distress, but it frustrated and almost shocked me in the 2 hours I sat there the number of dog walkers, families, and foreigners that passed by pretending they didn't even see me. Some would look at me, or  even through me at the scenic views behind me over my golf ball of a foot. Is ignorance really bliss?

After the amazing ambulance team arrived, (also outraged I had to wait so long for help) they began removing my sock with scissors and repositioning my foot (I couldn't turn my ankle straight...) this meant lots of gas & air. How amazing is that stuff?! I was then taken to Colchester Hospital where it became clear that I had broken ligaments in addition to smashing up the tibia and fibula in my ankle. 


So word was that I had really 'done a good job on it...' and surgery was needed. I had to stay in hospital over night, to have my surgery on the Sunday and then a further night into Monday, before I could return home on crutches or with some kind of support. 

Surgery was a process called ORIFS (i'll leave you to Google this, things get quite nasty...) Its a process of putting the broken bones back in place and screwing it all together and keeping it all in place essentially. 

Any one who knows me well, will know I like a hospital. (Yes re-read that, it's true!)

They are filled with so many stories, so much expertise and so much hustle and bustle. When friends or family need a hospital I am there to take them to A&E, or make clinic appointments. Having stayed these two nights in hospital though on a ward with other folk suffering from various orthopaedic troubles I was constantly reminded and a beneficiary of the amazing jobs Nurses, Doctors, Consultants and general support staff contribute to the NHS.

I have been left with a real inspriation to be a part of it and definitely put something toward helping such a great foundation stay so brilliant - people really are so quick to complain. In talking to everyone on my ward I can understand those complaints but the credit the staff of the trust should get is far past a decent wage in my opinion. The NHS is such a unique pillar of the UK, that needs to be preserved.


This experience has taught me a lot of little life lessons, and will no doubt continue to.

I can't bear weight on my left foot for 6 weeks and then it's another 6 before anyone expects me to be able to drive or function normally!! I'm currently out of work for 6 weeks (!!!) and lounging on the sofa is getting a little tedious a week in, so no doubt blog posts plenty are in the pipeline 🙂

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