My Full Face of Favourites for 2012

A quick post featuring my 'Full Face of Favourites for 2012'

A great multipurpose cleanser which is sure to remove all makeup & grime, aswell as treating your skin to great ingredients each time you cleanse.

The Real Techniques brushes are definitely worthy of a mention after their success in 2012. At such affordable prices all round you can no longer afford to blame your tools! The buffing brush makes applying all different kinds of foundations an enjoyable process. 

Great coverage, great finish & a little goes a long way - great news all round! 

Love this kit, it comes in different variations to suit your brow shade and fills my brows in so naturally when used with a brow brush.

The best mascaras for my lashes are those without plastic brushes, and I just love this mascara, it reaches all my lashes and doesn't clump, or drop throughout the day. 

Great for warming my face up when I am looking a bit pale, but also great for contouring without being too orange or shimmery, perfect colour!

As featured in my Top Five Handbag Lip Products post, this lipstick has just the right amount of moisture and pigment.

Whilst this is not part of my 'Face' Makeup,my favourites wouldn't be complete without a nail polish!I think this is one of only two nail polishes that I have actually nearly finished from 2012! Such an ideal colour for all occasions, and all outfits.

If you would like to see a more in depth review & rating of any of my 2012 Full Face Favourites, just drop me a comment below!

Have you got a post about your 2012 favourites, or your favourite look of last year?

Natalie xx

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