#NOTD O.P.I Eurso Euro

I went through January applying absolutely no polishes to my nails, with the exception of Nail Envy. My nails needed some 'breathing space' after the great acrylic episode of 2013. 

My nails are getting stronger, slowly but surely with the help of the Nail Envy.

I purchased this deep navy polish just before I got acrylics put on, and there is nothing worse than having new colours sitting in your stash and not being able to use them. If you Google Image search this colour, it does show differently not only in various lights, but in the applications too. I think I ended up with 2-3 coats on my nails with this colour and it resulted in a deep blue-black navy. 

It's a really serviceable colour, and quite sophisticated I think. 

My method of application was as follows; 
  • 1 layer of Original Nail Envy
  • 2-3 layers of 'Eurso Euro' 
  • 1 drop onto each nail of the Drip Dry quick dry drops
I found the colour quite wishy washy in application, which was disappointing but the colour did dry fast, and last a good few days - which is good for me! 

This colour was from OPI's Europe Collection, and I love to use all the OPI base/top coats and colours together - they make for a good result!

Let me know your favourite formulas of the moment in the comments,

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