Bourjois: Magic Nail Polish Remover

I hope everyone is well! 

I have had some what of a summer 'break', before I really even got started. But the good news is that I'm back & blogging now, with lots of products collected over the months which I hope to get your comments on, as I give my opinions too. 

The first stand out product for me which I discovered after watching one of Zoe's videos over on her YouTube channel is the Bourjois Paris - Magic Nail Polish Remover 

 As one of those people who like to switch up their nail colours & styles lets say every three days, either due to chipping or boredom - this product has saved me so much time in removing polish. 

It's clean, very simple to use, and also eliminates 100% of the effort in taking stubborn colours off your nails. 

I first thought that of course you're nails will be free of colour if you're dunking them into a pot of acetone. But surprisingly this is not a pot of acetone, it is in-fact an acetone & paraben free product (very much a bonus). It also includes Almond oils and offers a sweet fragrance - the Almond oil combination has meant that i have found my nails feeling aren't left feeling as dry of 'stripped' of oils as with your average remover. 

To use; just pop your fingers into the pot, one at a time, twisting your nail against the sponge filling inside, which also coats your finger in nail varnish remover. Although it might not take one second, it isn't far off, it maybe slightly longer of course if you are wearing a glitter based polish. 

For me it takes all of the hassle out of nail varnish removal, and it majorly saves me time. The exciting part with nail colours is always applying the new colour, never removing the old & this product is all about making removal quick & easy.

I will be purchasing this product again, whenever this one runs out (I haven't worked out how you tell the pot needs re-newing yet!?!) Have you tried this or a similar product? What did you think? 

Can you put a price on good skin? | Skincare Splurge

Where have I been?
It has been a crazy long time since I last posted! I've left a busy old month behind me as i've been moving my stuff back from university, starting a new job and preparing for a long awaited holiday to the Canary Islands!

So as i'm currently here in Lanzarote for a while I figured what better time to get back in posting, so here I give you a long awaited high end skincare product post. 

The good stuff:

I love a good skincare product but like most of you interested in the beauty world know, quality can cost you and this is the sad truth of it, as many times i've indulged heavily in serums, creams and cleansers which have all left me scared to fully enjoy the product as the thought of having to part with big amounts of money to experience it again scares me and pushes me away! 

I have always looked after my skin though, and have found throughout my teenage years and now in my early twenties that my skin is problematic. Currently combination and not overly oily, hormonal acne and rosacea have always been central in my skincare concerns. 

I brought the following products featured in this post after having another one of those annoying skin consultations with an 'expert' skin company who analysed my skin wrongly. 
I discovered this after paying for their products and using their cleanser and finding my face in a worse state than when it started. Disheartened I got some beauty therapy from a shop which is a guaranteed feel good emporium of beauty treats; space.nk 

The Products:

From left to right: Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer (£28) | Darphin Intral Anti Redness Serum (£48) |  Eve Lom SPF 15 Moisturiser (£45)

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer 
A huge fan of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, I am always up for trying more of the Laura Mercier range. For me all the products i've tried have really lived up to the great reviews which have surrounded them. This oil free foundation makes a great base for any foundation and absorbs nicely, especially in the morning when you don't want to be waiting around for all your creams, serums and what not to absorb fully before the all important make up application (v annoying when you are in a rush). It really does improve the look of enlarged pores around the nose for me and keeps your makeup base in place!

Darphin Intral Anti Redness Serum
Never a brand that i've tried before Darphin are one to ooze quality and I noticed this immediately from the point where the lovely lady at space.nk smoothed it on to my face. The smell is gorgeous a (very light floral scent) with a consistency of water, it is a product that can be used under makeup, on it's own or as an overnight treatment and is great for reducing redness and soothing irritated skins. Yes it is a small glass bottle, and yes it can be a battle getting the product on to your face, with it's very running consistency, but it is one of the best anti redness products I have tried and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and energised. 

Eve Lom SPF 15 Moisturiser 
This is a product I have tried in the past from a sample Eve Lom set which helped me to discover the brand (Sample sets are a great buy if you can find them from higher end brands as they give a whole range of products to try at a generally reasonable price.) I classified this product as luxurious but perhaps not that affordable from that outset - i always wanted to use it but the price once again pushed me away. Whilst it is only 50ml the consistency contrasts the last product as it is a rich cream which hydrates quickly but yet will last you a long time as a little goes a long way with this moisturiser. 

This was a bit of a splurge on high end products and it's not often I spend so much all in one go, but I just needed to restore my faith in skincare after the mishap with another company. My skin is now looking far less angry, far less dehydrated and feeling nourished, ready for the sun of Spain! I am a believer in the mantra 'you get what you pay for' but is good skincare with good results down to spending more on the products? 

Tell me below what you think! What are your favourite high-end / high-street buys for beauty?

Will be posting again soon with holiday based posts from sunny Lanzarote; but for now am off to chill with a glass of vino!

Nails Of the Day

Quick Nails of the Day post,
ORLY: in a colour I have no idea what it is but it was from a Glossybox from a while back!
& SALLY HANSEN: in #140 Peachy Keen.

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