Sephora Lustre Matte Long-Wear Lip Colours

Sephora Lustre Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour If you like a matte, long wear finish from your liquid lip products then you might want to place an order for the Sephora Lustre Matte Long-Wear Lip Colours, if you haven’t discovered these already. stock this formula in 12 shades covering all of your lip colour needs from Barbie pinks to Autumnal deep plums and are priced at just under £10 ($16.00). 

What’s attractive about these is their colour intensity and formula of a liquid in the tube, to a sheeny almost matte finish on the lips that stays put for hours and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. Great for when you need a bold lip guaranteed. 

A little really does go a long way here too, so don't be scared to layer it on, starting with small swatches to get the look you want to achieve, otherwise things can get messy very easily. 

When you’re applying this with the flat brush applicator you need a neat application. It’s like once this stuff hits your lips it holds its place and almost stains, so if you make a mistake be quick with a q-tip, as I ended up with more colour on my hands than my lips. 

If you can’t physically swatch these products before buying, then do bare in mind that the two colours (Magenta (R) + Pink Flush (L) in the photo above) I brought are probably too loud for my lip. I didn't think for a minute that the colour intensity in the tube would be as vibrant as they come out in a swatch, and they really are! 

From my experience with the Lustre Matte’s, even though the formula has Rose Hip Seed Oil in I find these too drying to wear long term in comparison to other matte lip products. Whilst the formula isn’t cakey or drying to a degree where your lips look in a bad condition or that they could do with an exfoliation session it’s something that takes away from this product’s rating.

In addition to the dryness if you haven’t played about with intense lip colours, then these can also be slightly messy / scary to use due to the intense pigmentation of colour and the liquid formula (I wouldn’t like to see the inside of my makeup bag if one leaked!).

Sephora Lustre Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour Packaging

The full on lip application can be a bit much for me, especially as the colours are so vibrant. To counteract this I like to dab a little of the product on to my finger and then press into my lips to just give a sheer colour that stays in place, much more fool proof! 

I am tempted to use these for nights out when a bolder lip is perhaps more appropriate, but right now I could have done with a more moisturising formula and a forgiving colour match. 

In Summary: Great for long wear, and intensity of colour but can be drying, and a little messy. 

Have you tried the Sephora Lustre Mattes?

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