Table for Two: An Intro

Finding a great place to eat out with your friends can be difficult, especially if everyones tastes are different. 

Table for Two has been created to share great places to eat in London, whilst being affordable (& that won't waste half your pay cheque). 

Jasmin and Natalie have known each other 14 years and love nothing better than catching up over a bottle of wine & a nice meal. Jasmin is a vegetarian, lives & works in London, whilst Natalie isn't & doesn't! So finding places we can both enjoy from a menu and price perspective can be tricky! 

Within our Table for Two series we will be uncovering the best places to eat on a budget or for that special occasion. 

These are the places we have found and wanted to try together, so we are excited to share our ratings and reviews with you! 

We hope you enjoy, you can find our first review here!

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