Tips to Sleep Soundly this Sunday

Sleep is so important to our overall wellbeing that is really does not go unnoticed if after a couple of nights you're not getting your much needed 7-8 hours. Your skin, concentration and mood are all affected when you become sleep deprived and there's nothing more likely to stop you from fully relaxing into a deep slumber than the stresses of 21st century life. 

Click the info graphic to the right (source here) to see some more shocking statistics of what happens to your health when you lose sleep.

If you live an active lifestyle, and are experiencing short term sleep problems, I hope and believe simple tips and tricks are worth trying. Whether you've just gone back to school, are coming down from the high of freshers and struggling to study or are just experiencing stresses and anxiety through work, I hope the 'Tips to Sleep Soundly this Sunday' I've compiled and use myself below can give you a little help through the longer nights to come...

However if you find yourself to be inactive (myself included here on most days due to my broken ankle), napping in the afternoons or perhaps living within the same four walls that you sleep in, you are hugely damaging your ability to sleep and switch off. If you constantly toss and turn night after night, you might want to consider changing these factors first, slowly introducing more activity into your day (if you can) and then adding in my tips.

Of course my advice comes only from experience. If you feel your sleep deprivation is causing real problems you should seek the help of your GP or healthcare professional, which of course I am no substitute for.

5 Tips for Sleeping Soundly 

Use an eye mask when going to sleep.

I find the quality of my sleep improves if in a totally darkened room, so an eye mask is essential after a long day! 

Take part in a digital detox 30 mins before your bedtime.

Turn off your phone, television or computer (or perhaps all of the above). It's tough, but it works and really you were never going to accomplish much apart from checking your Twitter feed in the 30 mins before sleeping.  It's time for you to relax and it gets easier to do when you see the benefits in your sleep patterns. 

Take a hot bath.

I'm not talking scolding yourself here, but allowing your muscles to relax will give you a head start and do your sleep pattern plenty of good. 

Apply a sleep aid product.

I like to use the Sleep Badger Balm which comes in a really cute tin, I apply to my wrists 30 mins before sleeping (that's of course instead of checking my Twitter) and let the relaxing aromas do the rest. This Works also have a whole range to promote sleeping well, just try their Deep Sleep range!

Read a book / magazine.

Why is it as soon as your start reading a book your eyes just can't stay open?! If you prefer to listen to something to help you drift off then an Audiobook or meditation music would be ideal. Spotify and 8Tracks have some great playlists, if this is on your phone though, it's important to not let yourself stray to your social favourites! 

You'll be raring to get into your favourite PJs and snuggle down for a snooze in no time...

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