Travel – Philippines Feb 2014

The Philippines was my first ever venture to Asia, and was a very memorable two weeks spent with one of my lovely friends who moved back home to Manila. After having known her through work in the UK, I was so excited to get out there and experience the culture of the very friendly Filipinos.

I learnt so much from my travels there earlier this year, and after taking a while to sink in that I was actually quite a way away from home and getting over all of the time difference - the Philippines was an amazing place to visit and was such an incredible experience to bring home.

Here are some of my favourite photos taken on my travels, that I have decided to share (sorry to be boring with the watermarking!). You can see more of the Philippines sites in the second & final part of this Philippines travel post next month!

If you have any questions, or want any advice about travelling to the Philippines just drop me a comment, or tweet!

See you next month for more breathtaking views...



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